Casading Style Sheets (CSS) can add special formating to a web page. Click on desired item to see a demonstration.
Demos Name Description
Font Style demo. Font style Fonts can be serif, sans-serif or fonts loaded in a users browser.
Table Background demo. Table Backgrounds Resize the browser window and watch how the images fit the window.
Cursors demo. Cursors Sample of cursors that can be displayed in a user's browser. Depending on user's browser. To see a cursor type, positon mouse over cursor type.
Highlight Row Color demo. Highlight Row Color Highlights a row color in a table. When row is clicked a selected color is set for that row. Rows can be all one color or alternate with two different colors.
Form Validating demo. Form Validating Form validating using Javascript and CSS. Validates, if field is empty on user leaveing field (onblur) or when user clicks Submit. Cues user by changeing the color of field in error.
Form Elements with CSS demo. Form Elements with CSS Use this page to see if CSS works correctly in the desired browser(s).
Paragraph Effects demo. Paragraph Effects Different effects using the <p> tag.
Blockquote Effects demo. Blockquote Effects Different effects using the <blockquote> tag.
Head Effects demo. Head Effects Different effects using the <h1> tag.
Simulated Buttons demo. Simulated Buttons Using the sliding doors method some examples of simulated buttons.