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Demos Name Description
Form Demo 1 Application Employment application for new employees.
Form Demo 2 Form Features This is a sample form to demostrate differnt features.
Form Demo 3 Loan Calculator Calculate your montly payment with a optional amortization schedule.
Form Demo 4 Reconcile Reconcile values.
Form Demo 5 Pop up Calendar A Pop up calendar. A user can scroll through a desired month(s) and select a desired date to be entered into the field value.
Form Demo 5-1 Pop up Calendar-CSS A Pop up calendar. A user can scroll through a desired month(s) and select a desired date to be entered into the field value. This version uses css styles (See Pop Up Calendar color themes below).
Form Demo 6 1031 Exchange Calculator Calculate the period ending dates and the minimum replacement value.
Form Demo 7 Pop up Color Chart A Pop up "Web Safe 216" color chart. A user can click a desired color to be entered into the field value "Hex Value".
Form Demo 8 Pop up Color Chart Deluxe A pop up color chart with different palattes, hex, RGB and HSB values. A user can select different palattes, click a desired color, adjust values or enter the desired value(s). When desired color is chosen the result will be placed into the field value, named "Hex Value".
Form Demo 9 Moving Window Error Alert A moving window error alert for users who enter invalid data.
Form Demo 10 Preset Dates User can select a preset date or enter their own dates. If user enters their own dates, the "Preset Dates" menu will display "Custom"
Form Demo 11 Clear Form Clear ALL fields on a form or only ones selected.
Usefull when you have the fields populated when the page loads.
Form Demo 12 Mark Rows Automatically mark rows to update as user changes field(s) contents. Useful when your using a database to update multiple records. And the user will not have to mark each row manually.
Form Demo 13 Seller's Net Sheet Calculates an estimate of what a Seller in a real estate transaction would get back if he/she sold a owner occupied property.
Form Demo 14 ASCII Converter Converts ASCII characters into binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal. Then back to ASCII. Also has a ASCII Character and Codes table for reference.
Form Demo 15 Living Trust Forms Living Trust forms to make your living trust a little more ogranized.
Form Demo 16 Periodic Table of the Elements Periodic Table of the Elements with Key and Element information.
Form Demo 17 Company Goverment Docs Company Goverment Documentation. Forms for payroll taxes, Information, Opening and closing a company.
Form Demo 18 Chmod Calculator The chmod command (abbreviated from change mode) is a shell command in Unix-like environments. chmod changes the permissions of each given file according to MODE, which can be either an octal number representing the bit pattern for the new permissions or a symbolic representation of changes to make.
Form Demo 19 Male Body Builder Proportion Calculator Calculates ideal male build bulider's measurements. Based on wrist size..
Form Demo 20 Target Heart Rate Calculator Calculate your target heart rate.
Form Demo 21 Login Display's default values in text fields for username and password.
Form Demo 22 Select Box Chooser Allows a user to add, remove and reorder items.
Form Demo 23 Fitness and Diet Calculator All in one Fitness and Diet Calculator. Check your Body Mass, BMI, Daily Calorie intake, Daily Diet Break Down, Heart Rate and Excercies.
Form Demo 24 County Codes ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 county codes
Form Demo 25 Metabolic Type Self Test Answer questions to find your Metabolic type.
Form Demo 26 US State from zip code Get US State from zip code.
Form Demo 27 Unit Cost Calculator Calculate unit cost and compare cost per unit upto three items.